Outliners, note-taking apps and everything

Outliners overlap with note-taking apps, often by a lot. Also many of them support time tracking, task lists and so on.

This document provides a brief look at well-known, popular or otherwise relevant software in these categories. For others, see the companion file; the mind map provides a quick overview of the main entries.


Some are only kept around by nostalgia:



File formats


Note-taking apps

While any text editor can be used to take notes, the point is doing it in such a way that notes can be easily navigated and organized afterwards.


Hosted services:


Also there's a set of mobile apps for taking notes that all seem to work the same way, and only differ in the amount of features they offer. All are open source and available on F-Droid. Does this have a name?

They all seem based on a grid of brief text notes mixed with to-do lists; any of them can have a title, tags and so on, depending. They can be pinned, too. The concept works best with larger screens.

They look similar to Carnet, a large multiplatform app.


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